I always love to read those "man-on-the-street" columns in my local newspaper. It seems that frivolous questions rather than weighty ones inspire far livelier and intriguing responses. In the same spirit, I collar friends, relatives, and total strangers to ask them inconsequential questions on culinary matters.


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Q: Is fruitcake really all that bad?

Mark: I know they say there's only one fruitcake in the world and it keeps getting passed from one person to another. I probably had fruitcake at some time in my childhood; I don't really remember. But I definitely wouldn't buy one.

Christine: I love fruitcake. When I was growing up in Germany my mother used to make fruitcake. She'd put fresh strawberries from our garden on top.

Q: Wait a minute. I think we're talking about a different fruitcakes. Have you eaten the kind that's very dense and has different candied fruits in it? 

Christine: In Germany where I grew up, that kind of fruitcake is called "stollen". Yes, we had it every year at Christmas time. It's much better in Germany than what you call fruitcake in the States. There it's a delicacy. Here it's a joke.