I always love to read those "man-on-the-street" columns in my local newspaper. It seems that frivolous questions rather than weighty ones inspire far livelier and intriguing responses. In the same spirit, I collar friends, relatives, and total strangers to ask them inconsequential questions on culinary matters.

During the infamous precipitous week on Wall Street in August, I read that one of the most heavily trafficked sites on the Web was "Living Below Your Means". It prompted me to ask this question:

Q: If you had to scale back on your spending, which foods would you cut from your food budget.....and which ones would you refuse to give up?

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Peter: I guess we'd be having chantarelles less often. I'd give up whipped cream, which would be easy because I never eat anyway. No matter what, I'd still buy good bread and fresh veggies (as opposed to canned or frozen).

Joanie: I probably would just shop more carefully rather than giving up any particular foods. I wouldn't give up buying really good expensive cheeses, but I just wouldn't buy them very often.