Here's where I let my thoughts go this way and that on food-related topics.

These cookbooks may very well make great gifts....but not for these particular kinds of people.

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Those whose idea of a big beakfast is a short latte:

The Beakfast Book

A member of the American Vegan Society:

The Great American Meat Cookbook

A member of the American Beef Council:

Simply Vegan

Anyone working on their self esteem:

Martha Stewart's Entertaining

A large, newly formed co-housing community:

Cooking for One

The shyest person you know

Moosewood Cooks for a Crowd

Your son or daughter when they get their first apartment:

The Aphrodisiac Cookbook

Recovering pyromanics:

Cooking with Fire and Smoke

Those who think there was absolutely nothing wrong with the old Joy of Cooking and believe that Irma Rombauer would turn over in her grave if she saw the new one:

The New Joy of Cooking

The person who thinks that having a phone machine is already having one too many machines in the house:

Bread Machine Cookbook

Those who share W.C. Fields' sentiments about children:

Cooking with Kids

Anyone who can't take a joke:

White Trash Cooking