Here's where I let my thoughts go this way and that on food-related topics.

On food stuffs and food trends:

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What to leave behind in the 20th century…..and good riddance!
Celebrity-chef cookbooks ~Food products sold as cancer cures.
Top-of-the-line kitchens re-models for people who don't cook.
Cilantro (I realize I may not have much company on this one).
Over-the-top, last-days-of-Rome restaurant meals (and they cost about as much as air fare to Rome).
Blue M & M's. Some things were simply not meant to be.
What to keep, support, encourage, and cherish into the next century
Home cooking (Bringing back home ec. Classes in school might not be such a bad idea either.)
Farmers' markets
Peeps (but, please, let's keep them to their original purebred yellow coloring)
Sustainable agriculture
Junior League cookbooks
Non-digital kitchen timers that make that friendly resonant ding when time is up
Angel food cake mix. I don't care what you say; it really is just about as good as a from-scratch version (and you don't have to worry about what to do with the twelve egg yolks you have left over).
Salad spinners
The Slow Food movement. (Read all about it at
Canonization of wonderful cookbook authors such as Paula Wolfert, Claudia Roden, Deborah Madison, and Rozanne Gold (a few of my idols) whose unique vision, inspired artistry, and generosity of spirit shine from every book they write.
The above are just partial lists. I could go on……