This curious reporter asks the question, "What did you have for dinner last night?" The answers may surprise/amuse/bore/sicken you.

What Chris had for dinner on October 1, 1999
(Dinner was served buffet style in a big dining room at a holistic retreat center.)

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"It was something listed on the blackboard menu as Vegetarian Ratatouille. It tasted more like scrambled tofu with tomatoes to me. The salad greens with some kind of vinaigrette was good. Definitely the best thing was the whole-wheat-poppy-seed bread. That disappered fast! I don't think they ever serve dessert here. But there's always a long line at the snack bar, which sells 'healthy' -quote, unquote- junk food like Paul Newman's organic chocolate bars, Tofutti, and giagntic chocolate-chip cookies."