This curious reporter asks the question, "What did you have for dinner last night?" The answers may surprise/amuse/bore/sicken you.

What Jane K. had for dinner on August 29, 1999

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"I made a dish with the kind of pasta that looks like big shells. It was a recipe from this really good cookbook called Pasta Harvest. You stuff the shells with spinach and ricotta and mozzarella.....very garlic-y. You spread marinara sauce on it, and then add some Romano cheese on top. I like Romano because it's strong; it's a cheese with attitude. We had cantaloupe, which has lots of potassium.....that's good for runners. (Jane is on her school's cross country team.) We had bread and butter and o.j. with calcium. Then we ate Hagen Daas with caramel swirls for dessert, which I also had for breakfast this morning."