Speaking of food, novelists and philosophers occasionally do just that.

While I Was Gone
By Sue Miller(1999)

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Thanskgiving dinner can be a trying time for vegetarians. Especially if they, like pubescent Sadie here, have a cheerfully malevolent older sister like Cass.

"Sadie had decided she was a vegetarian, on moral grounds. No turkey for her, thank you - just stuffing and potatoes. These she doused liberally with gravy. After Sadie had almost cleared her plate, Cass leaned over and asked, 'Know what gravy is made of, dummy?'
'No, what?'
'Blood and gooey fat that's dripped down from your poor, innocent slaughtered turkey-lurkey.'…
…Sadie shrieked and rose from the table. 'You made me! I hate you - you made me eat it.'…
…Her chair went crashing against the wall as she spun away from it. You could hear her feet thudding on the stairs, her door slamming."



While I Was Gone
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