Speaking of food, novelists and philosophers occasionally do just that.

A Man in Full
by Tom Wolfe (1998)

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'"Then Marsha Richman, turning in her seat so that she could smile directly at Auntie Bella, spoke up in a very ladylike Southern voice: 'I don't know how you do it! To tell you the truth, I'm usually not crazy about okra, collard greens, and snaps, but yours just melted in my mouth. You've got to tell me your secret.'

Auntie Bella pulled her head back and smiled broadly at Marsha Richman, and shook with a couple of silent chuckles, and then let loose a laugh from deep in her throat, and said:

'Welcome to ...Grease.'

Tremendous laughter from all around the table...Everyone was in convulsions! Well, not everyone. Charlie noticed that Marsha Richman was still smiling, but her face had fallen. She looked as if she had just been shot through the heart."



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