Cravings is the creation of Marilyn Wright Ford. Her writing life has had numerous incarnations. During her career she has been vice-president and copywriter at the New York ad agency McCann-Erickson; contributing editor and columnist for Parents' Press; publicity writer for MacUser magazine; freelance journalist writing about community and school gardens; and occasional essayist musing about her favorite topic: food.

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"Marilyn Wright Ford's Web site ( is devoted to food for thought and thought for food. Her passion is cookbooks, which she reviews energetically....She has a warm spot for less-known cookbooks and has most often bought or borrowed her copies. Her reviews have a personal, quirky flavor and include excerpts and lists of the recipes she tried and liked. " -S.A. Belzer, New York Times. September 16, 1998

"If you're hungry for a good food read but feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, then Cravings, Good Reading about Good Eating can lead the way down the cookbook aisle at your local bookstore. Created by freelance food writer, Marilyn Wright Ford, this straightforward site is a special treat for those with a weakness for books and a fondness for cooking. If you're tired of drab cookbooks with little imagination, then sift through the Book Reviews where you'll probably find a review of the cookbook of your dreams." -Debbie Mazo, NetFood Digest,, July 1998.



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